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Only silence can be heard, silence of people's tears.

No one knows my grave. Buried by time and dust.

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I'm an _ _ year old male, who enjoys many things. See "interests".
"don'ttellmumbuti'veeatenallyourbacon", 1994, 1997, anorexia, anorexia mirabilis, antiques, aurora borealis, baby girl, baths, bedtime stories, being a gigantic perv, being small, being touched, black metal, black-metal, braces, braids, burzum, carpathian forest, childhood, china, chinese, claire quilty, combat boots, control, countess, daddy's little girl, deadly little demons, delicious cake, dolly, dolores haze, dresses, edgar allan poe, emperor, enslaved, ephebophilia, erotica, eternal youth, false innocence, fapping, forced sex, franz kafka, gehenna, girl interrupted, girl-children, girls, girls with nice hips, god dethroned, going barefoot, gorgoroth, hello kitty, humbert, humbert humbert, insane asylums, lao tazu, laozi, laughter in the dark, leon, little, little girls, lo, lo-lee-ta, lola, lolicon, lolita, lolita complex, lollipops, long hair, lost innocence, lust, magick, massage, mayhem, melechesh, military uniforms, music, mystery, nabokov, nana, natalie portman, national socialism, no comment on this., nude photos, nymphets, nymphetta, nymphettes, nympholepts, obsession, odd fetishes, others, paedophilia, painting, pedobear, pedophiles, pedophilia, philosophy, plaid skirts, poland/lithuania, pr0n, pretty girls, psychology, ramsdale, rape, rape fantasy, rape play, reading, religion, religious art, second wave black metal, sewing, sex, sexuality, sleeping, spirtual, statutory rape, tao, taoism, teddy bears, the occult, the professional, vladimir nabokov, woodwork, zombies